June 16, 2024

About Us

The Bo District Students Alliance (BoDSA) was found on the 3rd May 2020 and was lunched on 6 March 2021. BoDSA is a student organization that is geared to strengthen peaceful coexistence amongst Students that hailed from Bo District, and to represent the interest of young people in society, thereby enhancing their solidarity in nation building.

To empower young people in achieving positive goals through collaboration and building extraordinary nation development.
The overall aim is to enhance peaceful co-existence within our society and achieve sustainable developments.
In order to have a district in Sierra Leone in which the Global Goals for sustainable development will be achieved by the stipulated time, 2030. We have to serve as members to make it achievable, and developing the innate sense of nationalism will serve as a factor to get us determined and dedicated in ensuring that we have a successful sustainable developed district and by extension a country.

‘’BoDSA’’ seeks to provide public lectures for students and youths that will help to foster their growth in human capital development.

‘’BoDSA’’ condemns any form of discriminations that exist among ethnics, disabilities, gender, religions and political causes.

‘’BoDSA’’ stands in the capacity to sensitize people about non-violence and strengthen unity and harmony among learning institutions, the district and the nation at large.

‘’BoDSA’’ seeks to assist personal development of young people through formal training sessions and daily interactions in the area of mentorship like career development, career canceling, leadership, moral values, social responsibility, self-realization and youths empowerment.

‘’BoDSA’’ ensures and fosters gender equality and equity for female empowerment.

‘’BoDSA’’ discourages the motion of early marriage and teenage pregnancy in all of its forms cut across the district because we believe that children and young girls should be empowered to be self-reliance in society.

‘’BoDSA’’ ensures that the well-being of young people are sustained through advocacy, awareness raising and give support to the vulnerable within the four corners of the district.

‘’BoDSA’’ seeks to be of assistance and rally around the government to ensure that quality education and human capital development through science, innovation, technology and projects for learning institutions are enhanced and achieved.

‘’BoDSA’’ ensures the issues of young people more especially children and disabilities are mainstreamed in all programs and all facets of our development strides.

‘’BoDSA’’ seeks to provide and monitor availability of water in communities, hygiene, sanitation and also to help sustain climate-smart practices in the district.

‘’BoDSA’’ ensures that students, youths and the masses have access to justice in order to erect effect accountability and inclusion of institutions at all levels.

‘’BoDSA’’ collaborates and creates partnership with Ministries, Departments
and Agencies [MDAs], companies and organizations that are promoting the global goals of sustainable development.

The motto of BoDSA is “Work Hard and Succeed”

Our official colour is Blue