June 16, 2024


19th June,2022

– Opening Prayers

– Individual Introduction

– The National President of BoDSA gave his opening remarks; thereby encouraging members to be active in their roles.

– The purpose of the meeting was based on the restructuring of BoDSA

– Concerns were raised by some members present at the meeting and some of those concerns include:

1. BoDSA to connect with stakeholders from Bo

2. Conducting annual elections, inviting students from other colleges apart from FBC

3. Production of BoDSA wears

4. BoDSA to be supporting members in terms of merriment and bereavement

5. Effective representation of BoDSA in all colleges.

– The candidates for the Governorship of BoDSA FBC Chapter were given an opportunity to talk about their manifestos;

Mohamed Jalloh based his manifesto on : Education, database management, students welfare and revenue generation.

His opponent, Peter Ansumana’s manifesto was geared toward Internship opportunity, transparency, accountability.

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