June 16, 2024

George Shadrack Kamanda has today 28 April, 2022 launched his book which is Citizenship Reimagined. The book is rooted in the belief that all citizens should feel engaged, active and empowered with national development, regardless of their individual, social, political or tribal affiliations.

The launching ceremony was witnessed by many young folks, including high personalities in society; among them, Prof. Joe A.D. Alie who forwarded the book, Kalilu Tutangay, head of National Civic Education and Dr. Sandy , the Director of Public Education Outreach Anti Corruption Commission.

During the launching of the book, many important areas on the idea of “Responsible, whole citizenship “ were discussed by the author himself and the distinguished guest speakers.
In his speech, Prof. Joe A.D. Alie stated that citizens and political leaders have a collective role to play in the development of the nation and as a responsible citizens it’s never too late to reimagine your responsibility.
“If you are going on the wrong road and you realized that you are on the wrong road, you can take a turnaround,” he said.

The National President of Bo District Students Alliance, Tamba Saffa Ngayenga, said the organization is proud that one of its board members have contributed to the academic reservoir of the country.
“The work itself is a great work of intellectualism and it has a great impact on the young generation,” he concluded.

©️ Mohamed Cedric Kamara, BoDSA National PRO

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