June 16, 2024

Today, Thursday the 29th, JULY 2021. The leadership of BoDSA and two members of our Board Council, Minister Bashiru Mango, Pst Koroma and the National President of BoDSA, Tamba S. Ngayenga having done some donations of charity, that worth bags of rice, bundles of Grafton water and clothings to the disabled and less previlidges along Pandemba Road and Siaka Stevens Street around the Cotton Tree in Freetown.

BoDSA as a charity organization is not only fucusing on impacting lives through education, but to also give charity to the needies as that is one of the core divine mandate of the formation of the organization. We are grateful to God for what He is doing in the land of Sierra Leone, and as a charitable organization we’re always in support to humanity in and out of Sierra Leone.

God bless BoDSA, and long live BoDSA.

Thank you God Almighty for this wonderful steps taken today.

From the Media and Communication of BoDSA.

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