June 16, 2024

The meeting was chaired by Miss Aminata Fambudeh, the Deputy Chief Innovation Officer of BoDSA. She welcomed everyone and members introduced themselves. There was statement from both the chairlady and President Ngayenga. The president talked about the purpose of the meeting and how we should transform the current level of the organization. Comments were given by members and was inline with what Prezo Ngayenga said . He spoke about the programs at hand which are the Inter school debate competition, Quiz competition and the National Dinner and awards night which was purposed for Next yearNovember.Later the membership discussed the way forward and how we should generate fund for our programs . Membership came up with ideas of drafting letters and giving them out to stakeholders in the country.
There should be school sensitization about BODsa in schools so they can help with funding.
President and members addressed the issue of inactive members and how they should be committed to the organization as there are lot of opportunities which we will benefit from and others to come. Also inactive executive members shall be replaced.

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